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63 DELUXE - DEBUT ALBUM - Single releases

Welcome to the lead up, through and out the other end of our upcoming album!

So here we are again with some news on our recording efforts. After some "rebranding" using some cool artwork (left) that probably fits our vibe a bit better and some finalising of mixing and mastering we are finally ready to start releasing some of our tracks that will make up our first album and are we excited!

Down to the deets.... so some albums take less than six months, some can take years. Lucinda Williams' classic album "Car wheels on a gravel road" took 3 years to make and was shelved for a further year before release!. The word is that she was very much a perfectionist and it took the help of Rick Rubin in the producers chair to reign it all in.

Yes, we have been taking a while as there have been some hurdles to get over but we have crossed the finish line on a few of the tracks we love namely "My Favourite Hurricane" and "I Say" which will be up on all streaming platforms on the 16th and 23rd of December 2022 respectively with a video for Hurricane featuring our beautiful "hurricane" (pictured) on Youtube.

Very happy with how these have turned out, "Hurricane" is a song we love playing about a girl that spins your life around but you just have to love her, with a melodic rock vibe peppered with some soulfulness. Ably assisted by our good friend Glyn Lehmann on his Hammond through Leslie setup at his home studio. A lot of fun capturing that. Technically speaking just a Large diaphragm condenser capturing the low rotating speaker with 2 Shure SM57s about a foot apart picking up the rotating top horn, good stereo imaging but not so wide that it makes you dizzy hearing it. Not much EQ or compression needed to get that classic hammond growl to sit in the mix, and plenty of crazy clicks, pops, rumbles and hiss that make up that monster.

"I Say" is a song we also love playing, it's essentially a chant on the saying "It is what it is". Jack did a great job on extra percussion on this one, it added just a bit of that "special sauce" to help it groove the way it should. I have to say i am happy with the guitar sounds, again, technically we are using amp sims, namely Amplitube. Amp sims have come so far now that it is possible to dial up exactly what you want. To be honest we just really dialled up as close a sound as possible to the sound Anthony achieves live. The advantage of Amplitube is the configurability and the extra dimension you can achieve with the stereo and room space. In these days of really good and responsive digital amps from the likes of Boss, Black Star and Fender it's very satisfying to be able to dial in the sound you want without any compromise. Like a top engineer recently said, "if you eat a great meal at a restaurant you don't question the type of saucepans they used to achieve it", why would you?

More tracks to follow soon after these initial releases, the plan is to get the full album out early in the new year. We are already writing new songs which of course will appear on our second release but we plan to keep playing, recording and releasing constantly and often.

Because why?

Because it's music and it's fun! That's all.

Here are some links to our conspirators, have a look;

Until next time ....

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