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Welcome to the lead up, through and out the other end of our upcoming album!

It's been a journey of conceptualising the band and it's direction, a journey of defining a style through the long process of writing songs, hours of working and reworking riffs, chord progressions, beats, bass grooves and lyrics that magically appear from nowhere, usually when you don't expect it! Somehow driving in the car seems to bring on ideas just at the time you don't have anything to put the idea down on, yay for mobile phones!

So here we are then, with 15 songs complete and jammed out in the practice room at Boomerland in Melrose Park, South Australia captained by the incomparable Peter Spooner. Look him up, he's a cool dude! A few gigs under our belts and we are ready to start tracking drums, let's hope our drummer Jack Thomson is as ready as i am.

We have decided to track his drums at a very cool high end studio called Twin Earth where Jack has recorded before, they have amassed some very cool and sought after vintage and modern mics and outboard gear.

We will be tracking drums over 3 days in early April so i will be adding to this blog on a regular basis as sort of journal of this particular recording experience.

Stay posted

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