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Updated: May 9

Welcome to the lead up, through and out the other end of our upcoming album!

As you may have noticed we have been releasing brand spanking new videos to coincide with our new song releases. We've already released a fun video for "My Favourite Hurricane"that we think suits the bent of the song (see the link below in the thumbnail) We are also currently working on one of our favourite songs that will be released early this year. More on that in another blog.

Here you can see our intrepid photographer and budding video maker Ari Scott-Cowling hard at it filming the beautiful smiley Molly who is one of the features of the upcoming video. Ari is about to embark on a film making course and hopefully a successful career from there. Molly, well, Molly is just Molly and she was perfect for her part in the video which has an uplifting theme. Molly was our star in "Sunshine"

"My Favourite Hurricane" was a blast to make, getting creative with these videos is almost as much fun as creating the songs! As with songwriting, it can be hard to get started with an idea for a video let alone something that is achievable within our abilities and budgets but i think we are hitting some goals. The next video is for the song "Free Man" which, along with the video will be released February 17.

I think we have set ourselves a challenge without knowing it, to create our own videos that firstly fit the song, secondly are achievable and lastly are of a standard that we are happy to release. We are more than happy to say that we do everything ourselves, from recording to mastering our songs, to creating and editing our videos.

I think that whatever your timeframe, skill set and budget there is a way to create media that you can be happy with. It can definitely be a learning curve but it's worth it. To be a musician is to be an artist and that means you are creative. That creativity can have more channels than just the songs you write, if you really want. From our point of view we are not just creating "content", we are making pieces of our artistic expression and damn it's fun!

Here are some links to our conspirators, have a look;

Until next time ....

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nick smith
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