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Welcome to the lead up, through and out the other end of our upcoming album!

Righto.... so we are here now in this journey of being a band. And how the **** did we get here?

An original band really is a collective of creative musicians collaborating to create something special, but it takes more than just getting together in a room and writing songs.

Personalities - getting along takes like minded people with like minded goals. When you are creating music the stakes are even higher. I personally believe the best music comes from even input from the members, with exceptions of course.

Sound - Getting your personal instrument sound is one thing but as a band it's a bit like a mix on a recording. The clarity and punch in the rhythm section relies on the kit being tuned, the bass at the right level and eq, the tightness of the rhythm section, The guitarist not too loud or too much low end and no-one overplaying. It's as much to do with what is played as much as it is how it sounds.

Direction - Every member and all that help on the outside need to be working in the same direction and purpose. That's a given i know, but not often addressed early on. Anyone in a long term band will know that it kinda just creeps up to a serious point then differences start rearing up.

The Details - The devil's in the details! Marketing, Merchandise, Social media, Recording, gigs, the list goes.... and on.... and on. Decide who is attending to it and keep on top of it.

Expectations - A band and your music journey can be what ever you want it to be. If its anything from a bit of fun here and there to just recording to the full success plan then go for it but most of all enjoy it. We play instruments for many reasons but the one constant is enjoyment, if you love what you do and you do it confidently then it's going to show in the performance.

Rock on!!

Until next time ....

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