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63 DELUXE - DEBUT ALBUM - Bass Bass and more BASS!

Welcome to the lead up, through and out the other end of our upcoming album!

Drum tracks done, the guides from the drum tracking added to each Logic session ready for Bret to lay down his bass parts.

Bret and i spent a few hours getting his sound for the recording experimenting with some valve bass preamps and channel strips. We've ended up with 2 simultaneous channels with one, a channel strip with added valve zing and a valve bass preamp which gives us more of an "amp" feel. Blended together we are getting an awesome well rounded, punchy and big sound.

Then it's down to the choice of bass for each song, we settled on his trusty Fender Jazz that has been modified over the years amongst other things with EMG pickups. This had the sound we needed for the first track "My Favourite Hurricane"

"Free Man" is the next song to get Bret's treatment and being a tighter punchier song the PRS or Sire bass may get the Guernsey on that. We just have to play and see.

We are concentrating on "My Favourite Hurricane" and "Free Man" first as they will have video clips associated with them and we would really like to release them first. Those 2 songs have had the best reception with our live audiences and well, we like 'em!

Plenty to work on in the meantime, keyboard parts done by myself and some with the assistance of the great Glyn Lehmann. String arrangements on a few tracks with the able assistance of violin and cello guru Sonia Mellor from the Adelaide Hills. Recording is fun, it's about creating something that moves people and we are proud of.

Here are some links to our conspirators, have a look;

Until next time ....

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