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Welcome to the lead up, through and out the other end of our upcoming album!

3 full days and 14 songs later we now have drum tracks to start the ball rolling on our album, recording thanks to the herculean efforts of our rad drummer Jack Thomson.

Jack is a man of perseverance and patience thankfully, he's also a drummer with a professional attitude which helped us all navigate through drum choices, mic choices, tempo choices and some questionable guide vocals, bass and guide at times! Thanks Jack....

Here are some pics of the awesome space that is Twin Earth Studio that was also our home for the three days. Kudos to the owner John who helped with whatever was needed and a great casual attitude that created a easy vibe to relax into.

We managed to take enough time to focus on the important things like a tempo that felt right and got us to sit in the right pocket for each song. Also making sure paid attention to drum fills, transitions and endings etc. Getting from one end of the song to the other without mistakes is really just a small part of it all.

An equally important part of the whole recording process is undoubtedly the people you are working with. This is a collaboration of ideas and that takes patience, generosity and a lack of ego. It is a privilege to be able to be creative amongst people like this who enhance the flow of creativity and not stifle or compromise it.

OK, so what's next? Files are loaded into Logic Pro at home, rough mixdowns to send to Bret for him to practice his bass lines to, then when he's ready i will be tracking the bass at my home set up. After that the guitars await ......

Here are some links to our conspirators, have a look;

Until next time ....

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